Jose Emmanuel H. Jalandoni

Mr. Jalandoni, Filipino, 55, has served as the President of the Company since April 21, 2022. He served as the Chairman of the Board from April 12, 2018 to April 21, 2022, and as the Company President from February 24, 2016 to February 19, 2018. He is a Senior Vice President, a member of the Management Committee, and the Group Head of commercial businesses including malls, offices, hotels and resorts of ALI. He is also the Chairman of the Board of AREIT, Inc. (a publicly-listed company).

His other significant positions are: Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Northgate Hotel Ventures, Inc. and Southcrest Hotel Ventures, Inc. He is Chairman of the Board of ALI Commercial Center, Inc., ALI Makati Hotel and Residences, Inc., ALI Makati Hotel Property, Inc., ALI Triangle Hotel Ventures, Inc., ARCA South Hotel Ventures, Inc., AsiaTown Hotel Ventures, Inc., AyalaLand Hotels and Resorts Corporation, AyalaLand Medical Facilities Leasing, Inc., AyalaLand Offices, Inc., Bacuit Bay Development Corporation, Bay Area Hotel Ventures, Inc., Bonifacio Hotel Ventures, Inc., Capitol Central Hotel Ventures, Inc., Cebu Insular Hotel Company, Inc., Central Bloc Hotel Ventures, Inc., Chirica Resorts Corporation, Circuit Makati Hotel Ventures, Inc., Direct Power Services, Inc., Ecoholdings Company Inc., Econorth Resort Ventures, Inc., Ecosouth Hotel Ventures, Inc., Enjay Hotels, Inc., Greenhaven Property Ventures, Inc., Integrated Eco-Resort, Inc., Lio Resort Ventures, Inc., Makati North Hotel Ventures, North Liberty Resort Ventures, Inc., North Triangle Hotel Ventures, Inc., One Makati Hotel Ventures, Inc., One Makati Residential Ventures, Inc., Pangulasian Island Resort Corporation, Paragua Eco-Resort Ventures, Inc., Regent Horizons Conservation Company, Inc., Sentera Hotel Ventures, Inc., Sicogon Island Tourism Estate Corporation, Sicogon Town Hotel, Inc., Ten Knots Development Corporation, Ten Knots Philippines, Inc., Whiteknight Holdings, Inc., and One Makati Residential Ventures, Inc.

He is also Director of the following companies: ALI Capital Corporation, Anvaya Cove Golf and Sports Club, Inc., Ayagold Retailers, Inc., Ayala Hotels, Inc., Ayala Property Management Corporation, Cagayan de Oro Gateway Corporation, Columbus Holdings, Inc., Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation, Lio Tourism Estate Association, Makati Cornerstone Leasing Corporation, Makati Development Corporation, Philippine FamilyMart CVS, Inc., Philippine Integrated Energy Solutions, Inc., SIAL CVS, Inc., SIAL Specialty Retailing, Inc., AirSWIFT Transport, Inc., DirectPower Services, Inc., AyalaLand Medical Facilities, Inc., Station Square East Commercial Corporation.

He joined ALI in 1996 and held various positions in the Company. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Legal Management from Ateneo de Manila University. He earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Asian Institute of Management. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.